Biyernes, Enero 22, 2016

NBA2K14 Sports+Action Overlay

Some In game screenshots:

Note:This mods does not include the kherzie08 gaming text.I just put it using photoshop.
Not tested on 16:10 and 4:3 monitors
Credits:for the base
Features:HQ textures (dds)
Accurate Positioning

Linggo, Enero 10, 2016

NBA2K14 Titlepage and Bootup Mod(3d Logo) V2 by Kherzie08
Some Previews:

  • New 3d logo's from NBA2K16
  • Change NBA2K16 2d logo to 3d logo
  • NBA2K presentation change to NBA2K16 presented by 2k sports
  • Remove Featuring in Spike Lee joint
  • Fixed the allignment of Names (In the top of 2k16 logo)
  • Higher Definition dds files

  • JRMC for the #1 rated
  • jeremy_mr21 for the presented by 2k
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